At 19 years of age, the queer Barbadian creator known as Délyt has always been a lover, and active participant in all things art. Born Deandra Daniel, her creative expressions have included drama, dance, singing, jewelry and the fine arts in an effort to remain open to all mediums throughout her artistic career. This refusal to be pigeon held to one artistic expression is both a show of her diverse abilities, and her true dynamic nature. Always willing to exhibit her multifaceted abilities to thoroughly manifest her creative vision, digital art is her newest medium of choice. Self-taught in the area, it has now become a device which she uses as a means of catharsis when faced with life’s many experiences and challenges. Daniel’s pieces take inspiration from many sources: - the “supportive creative space” which she has found in her friend group, her family, her journey of sexuality and sexual discovery, and the diaspora. She is also inspired by experiences of blackness, and the way that term carries its own individual look, feel, language and encounters, as well as the inclusivity and diversity of the female form.